Come and visit

our off-grid guest huts

Experience a truly restorative retreat into nature, in the super cosy off-grid guest huts we’re building

They’re not ready just yet, but you’re still welcome to visit at anytime. We’ll talk you through our plans, walk you through the woods, and be very open to your input. If you’d like to come and see us on the brae during this fascinating developmental period, please feel welcome to get in touch and we’ll arrange a date and time.

Our off-grid guest huts are integral to the BRAE NEW WORLD project. They’ll allow us to offer a range of retreats, which in turn will enable us to fund the project so we can continue regenerating and rewilding the hillside for many years to come.

Low impact, high style

Hutting has a long history in Scotland, with trips to spend some simple time in nature traditionally being very common. Travel has become much more complex and sophisticated since then, but recently there has been a revival in Scottish huts, and we are proud to be a part of it.

We will be constructing our huts in line with the official hut definition: A simple building used intermittently as recreational accommodation; having an internal floor area of no more than 30m2; constructed from low impact materials; generally not connected to mains water, electricity or sewerage; and built in such a way that it is removable with little or no trace at the end of its life. But we will also be integrating some renewable-energy technologies, as well as a bit of woodland magic, to ensure the huts are truly lovely places to be.

Linking nature, narrative and health

Once our huts are ready, we’ll offer various kinds of retreats, including:

Retreats focusing on nature, narrative and health

Retreats focusing on the creative process

Retreats focusing on natural wellbeing and the off-grid experience

Our off-grid huts will be available to book from 2023 for 2024