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our off-grid huts

We are designing and self-building some beautiful yet simple, off-grid huts on the brae, so that everyone can come and stay. And we mean everyone – with inclusivity and accessibility for low income, vulnerable and disabled people being built in from the start.

Low impact, high style

Hutting has a long history in Scotland, with trips to spend some simple time in nature traditionally being very common. Travel has become much more complex and sophisticated since then, but recently there has been a revival in Scottish huts, and we are proud to be a part of it.

We will be constructing our huts in line with the official hut definition: A simple building used intermittently as recreational accommodation; having an internal floor area of no more than 30m2; constructed from low impact materials; generally not connected to mains water, electricity or sewerage; and built in such a way that it is removable with little or no trace at the end of its life. But we will also be integrating some renewable-energy technologies, as well as a bit of woodland magic, to ensure the huts are truly lovely places to be.

You can read brief updates on our build progress via the Notes tab in the menu, OR you can follow our journey in glorious detail by becoming a member of our BRAE NEW WORLD diary club!

● Exclusive access to the BRAE NEW WORLD diary
● Special offers on future stays in our off-grid huts
● PLUS secret footage from our wildlife cameras

Visit our diary page to find out more…

Linking nature, narrative and health

Once our huts are ready, we will offer various kinds of retreats and workshops, including:

Retreats and workshops focusing on nature, narrative and health

● Specialist stays and sessions for individuals or families dealing with sensitive difficulties such as physical and/or mental health issues
● Run by Ziggy’s Wish, narrative based, drawing on the environment to enable self-expression
● Typically bespoke, designed in conjunction with healthcare professionals
● Ideal for social prescribing

Retreats focusing on the creative process

● Supported and serviced stays in flexible workspaces for creative expression

Staycations focusing on the off-grid experience

● For guests who simply want to disconnect from noise and reconnect with peace

Our off-grid huts will be available to book from 2023

The BRAE NEW WORLD huts are integral to the BRAE NEW WORLD plan, as income from the retreats and workshops will help the project become self-supporting, so we can continue our ongoing regeneration and rewilding work across the hillside for many years to come…

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